Simon Wing-Lun

When I was a child, I learned that emotions are a bad thing. Something to be gotten rid of or suppressed, rather than an energy to be acknowledged and learned from.

So I grew up trying to be tough and strong, but not really knowing how to deal with my feelings and pain.

I later understood this is one of the main reasons why as a child I used to get sick a lot. I had asthma, often had the flu and other illnesses, and also developed scoliosis. This was my body's way of dealing with the emotion and pain that my mind couldn't deal with.


In my early twenties I had a difficult time both physically and emotionally.

I had back pain which seemed to be getting worse despite constant treatment, and then I got sick with fatigue and reduce immune response. I was also feeling less and less connected to other people socially, and was forcing myself to study things I that didn't inspire me.

However at this time where life felt like it was closing in around me, a series of events led to me a period of rapid spiritual awakening and psychic opening.


This included a series of profound experiences of connection to spirit which transformed my view of reality, and in which I remembered the infinite spiritual nature of life.

This led me to a path of healing, and within a couple of years I was working full time doing spiritual healing and teaching. But even as I learned all the most powerful tools and techniques I could find, something was always missing, and I felt there was a pain and emptiness within me I still couldn't reach.

Eventually I realised that the key to the deepest healing, and to filling the emptiness inside me was unconditional love.

And I realised how to share unconditional love as an embodied practice of healing, going beyond the mind and deep into our emotions and subconscious trauma.

Because it's only when we can truly bring unconditional love to every level of our being, to our thoughts, emotions, trauma, and physical bodies, that we can heal at the deepest level.

Through these understandings, I developed the process that would become Unconditional Love Healing.

At first the process had no name, but I found that the results I was getting for myself and others were on another level from anything I'd experienced before. I found that parts of me I felt we empty were now becoming full, and challenges that seemed unreachable were now healing and transforming with ease. And I found healing with clients had for the first time become truly effortless and unlimited.

Healing was happening in the way I always felt was possible, but hadn't been able to reach.

And so I started to teach the process as Unconditional Love Healing.

Soon after that I met Lora. When we met and I felt her reflect so much unconditional love back to me, we realised that together this is what we chose to come here and do.

To inspire and empower people to heal their lives with unconditional love, and to live lives filled passion and joy.






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