About Simon & Lora

Simon Wing-Lun

When I was a child, I learned
like many people do that
emotions are a bad thing.
Something to be gotten rid of
or suppressed, rather than an

energy to be acknowledged
and learned from.

So I grew up trying to be tough
and strong, and also trying to
be a 'good boy', but not 
really knowing how to deal
with my feelings and pain.

I used to get sick a lot as a child, I had asthma, and also developed scoliosis, and I later understood that this was my body's way of dealing with emotion.. click here for full bio


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Lora Radford

One thing that I’ve learnt

from my life to date is that

anything is healable –

nothing can hold us back

from a life of joy and ecstasy

and full healing, if that’s

what we choose.


My healing journey started

when as a child, at the age

of 3 ½, I was abducted, raped,

and tortured in a violent
attack. During the attack
I experienced an extensive out of body and near death experience.

What was even more challenging..  click here for full bio.

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Lora's Healing Story: Video Series