Unconditional Love Healing


4-Day Training
Heal Your Life on the Deepest Level

Emotional Alchemy - Unconditional Love Healing 4-Day Training

Emotional Alchemy - Unconditional Love Healing 4-Day Training

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Next Training: Sydney, August 12th-15th

Unconditional Love Healing 4-Day Emotional Alchemy Training is the ultimate immersion of deep inner healing and embodied awakening.


Emotions are the key to healing.

As you learn to truly understand your own emotions, and how to transmute their energy, you gain the power to heal and transform your life.

Unconditional Love Healing is a unique method of healing and transformation, centred on your emotional experience, and based on the power of unconditional love.


At our Emotional Alchemy 4-Day Training you will:

  • Learn the keys to the deepest level of emotional healing for yourself and others.

  • Discover how to transform your emotional boundaries, and relate to others' emotions in a clear and empowered way.

  • Transform your core level belief systems, and understand how they are connected to your emotional energy.

  • Learn the true meaning and embodiment of unconditional love, and how to open to deeper love in your life

  • Connect with soul family and friends sharing a deep level of healing and love on their spiritual journey.


Every Emotion has a Specific Cause

Through understanding these causes, and how to truly hold a loving and accepting space for our emotions, you can transform any emotion or trauma you've held, and alchemise pain into power, anger into peace, sadness into joy, jealousy and shame into confidence, and fear into love.

Through transforming all these emotions and the releasing the belief systems, blocks & patterns that cause them, you can heal anything in your life at the deepest level, and open to your full potential to experience:

• Much deeper self-love, self acceptance, and self-confidence

• Harmony and clarity in relationships

• True empowerment to deal with triggers and challenges

• Greater physical health and energetic alignment

• Abundant creativity and flow

• Feeling trust, support and alignment with your life path


Discover the True Leading Edge of Healing

Emotional Alchemy 4-Day Training is  truly life changing.

In the training itself you will experience a huge amount of transformation, as you give and receive at least 3 healing sessions as part of the learning process.