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Unconditional Love


Emotional Alchemy 4-Day Training

 Next Sydney Training:
Feb 10th-13th 2023

Join us for 4 powerful days of
deep healing and immersion in
unconditional love.

By application only.

In our Emotional Alchemy 4-Day Training,
you learn to transform your core emotional blocks,
trauma, and subconscious beliefs in the 
vibration of pure unconditional love.

Full details below:

How can you actually embody

unconditional love in your everyday life?

And how can you use the vibration

of unconditional love to heal
and transform on the deepest level?

Unconditional love is a state of being you can grow
and cultivate within yourself.
And this state empowers

you to heal in profoundly powerful ways.

Unconditional Love Healing - Emotional Alchemy 

4-Day Training is a life changing journey
into unconditional love and deep healing.

In the training you learn to use the full
Unconditional Love Healing process for yourself and others, which is a profoundly powerful process
for healing and embodying love.

The training and this process takes courage and the willingness to face and transform emotions and pain held within, but the rewards are openness to total
empowerment and unconditional love.

During the training you will:


  • Reconnect to the vibration and consciousness of total acceptance, appreciation and empowerment that is unconditional love

  • Learn the true nature and mechanism of emotion, and each emotion's specific cause.

  • Discover how to heal the core patterns of emotional pain, trauma, and limiting beliefs underlying any situation in your life.


  • Transform core emotional patterns and belief systems that influence your relationships, health, self-esteem, sexuality & abundance, and practice giving and receiving healing in all these key areas.

  • Experience huge shifts and transformation throughout your life

  • Connect to the depths of your innate healing gifts, and the deeper loving purpose of your life journey

Take Your Healing to an Infinite Level

This is more than just a healing training.


This is a transmission of how to be unlimited and free as a human.

Whatever challenge you are working with, the layers of emotional pain & patterns creating it can be directly identified and transformed, creating results that are often extremely rapid and profound.


Ultimately, the process reconnects you to the infinite source of love that's always within you, and opens a path of powerful on-going transformation, allowing you to share your fullest gifts of love and healing with the world.

Even if you've done many years or decades of spiritual growth and healing, this training will open you to a new level of
deep inner connection and empowerment.

If you have the courage to truly go deep within, join us for this life changing workshop, and let love be the power in your life that will create all that is aligned with your heart.


I feel like the whole paradigm of my personality has shifted, and I feel more empowered, open, loving and understanding of myself and others. A truly transformational experience. I absolutely loved every second!

- Natasha Crane

This workshop helped me tap into my core where beauty, connection, harmony and unconditional love within. It feels like I’m coming back home and finding my soul family, the people who get me and accept me just the way I am. For the first time in my life I was brave enough to she my light without worrying it would hurt other people’s eyes & heart. 

- Lucia Nancy

After a long journey of discovery and healing , I was fortunate to meet Simon and Lora. It was clear to me immediately that these two people had been to the depths of themselves and done and continue to do the deep work, the real work. The acceptance and love of all aspects of self is embodied in them both so strongly and consciously, both in their daily life and their deeper healing journey. What they do is powerful and amazingly effective. They are the real deal, I’m so glad I finally found this path of healing.


- Ben Jennings

The Unconditional Love Healing training has taught me a deeper level of understanding the link between emotions & beliefs, in particular the powerful gift that emotions are giving us an opportunity to always upgrade our belief systems. 


- Mark Lang

Training Details

Dates: February 10th-13th (Fri-Mon)

Times: 9.30am-6pm each day

Venue: The Authentic Living Centre, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Investment: $1555 

Apply to Join

This workshop takes courage, and the willingness
to connect deeply with yourself.


It is suitable for people who are committed to their own growth and transformation, and willing to take an empowered and self-responsible approach to their transformation.

To ensure all people on the training are ready for the journey,
please fill out the application form below, and we will contact you to arrange a short conversation before enrollment.

Thanks! Message sent.

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